Éire go Brágh


Extending the definition of #FAMILY to include “all durable relationships” is nonsense, it is undefined, nobody knows when or how it starts or ends.

The #CARE amendment will do nothing for either carers or for people needing care, and why is it linked with the DELETION of the words “woman” and “mother” from our #Constitution?

Selling Out Neutrality

Micháel Martin agreed terms at the summit in #Spain in 2022, it invites NATO to provide cyber security to Ireland a well as protecting the now famous ‘undersea cables’, which we are told are targeted by big bad Russia.


Ó Cadhla was sentenced to 30 days in Jail, suspended, if he ‘keeps the peace’ for 12 months.  The conviction is for “trespass” on Horgan’s Quay in Cork, where he was with the Irish Neutrality Campaign, peacefully protesting against the presence of British / NATO warship HMS Enterprise.

COURT UPDATE: Corruption at work

Being sent to 4 different courtrooms to be then told your cases were dealt with at a 5th location.
Being denied the right to attend hearings.
Being denied the right to speak at hearings by several Judges.


Donnchadh de Barra headed the Republican Police in Cork, before they were suppressed by the ‘Free’ State. He was of the tradition of James Connolly, for the working man, and a great lover of Irish language, sport and culture.

“The People are Revolting” say our TDs​

TDs return from their extended, over paid at our expense, holiday… so they build barriers all around Leinster House to keep the citizens away from what is supposed to be the head-quarters of the #REPUBLIC.

Poor People Don’t Matter

This is the site of a mass-grave holding the remains of about 30,000 people, whose names were not even recorded, and whose memory, in the eyes of authorities, never deserved recognition or even a cross to be erected over their final resting place.

Still in Jail, Still INNOCENT

The #Justice4BridgetScanlon campaign group is inviting parents and anyone concerned to join them on a visit to #Tusla’s head office next Tuesday (September 12th).

Having been fobbed off by ‘Court Services’, who declare that the administration of justice is not their business, and having been dismissed by the Department of Justice in a similar way, the campaign continues to look for answers.

Linking War (NATO) with Sports

NATO in Dublin, Cork and Galway

NATO Warships enter Cork, Dublin and Galway, and the US Air Force flys over Lansdown Road stadium during a pre-arranged American Football match.

They are linking War and Sports.