Éire go Brágh


THE PEOPLE’S PAPER are calling for #VoteNoNo on March 8th.


Extending the definition of #FAMILY to include “all durable relationships” is nonsense, it is undefined, nobody knows when or how it starts or ends.  Families, including one parent families, are already recognised and protected in law, adding this will make such protection meaningless.

The #CARE amendment will do nothing for either carers or for people needing care, and why is it linked with the DELETION of the words “woman” and “mother” from our #Constitution?

Is this part of the #Globalist Agenda?   

Nobody asked for these votes.

Why aren’t we voting to protect our #Neutrality???

Why isn’t the state ratifying the #OPTIONAL PROTOCOL attached to the #UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with #Disabilities?

Why are we paying the carers an allowance below the POVERTY line?

And more …

If you can help, please do ...