Éire go Brágh


South Dublin County Council (SDCC) is operating in breach of the law by denying appropriate accommodation to a man with serious disability.  Not only are they in direct breach of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, but they are also in breach of the legal MINIMUM STANDARDS required of rented accommodation.

Christopher Moran lives with his 20 year old autistic son (who need 24 hour care and attention) in accommodation rented from SDCC, it has damp and mould throughout and fails in many other areas.

He has approval for a transfer on medical grounds but is waiting about six years with nothing happening.

Both Christopher and his wife suffer disabilities themselves, and they struggle to lift their adult son into/out of a bath, wash and hand-feed him.  Anti-social behaviour in the neighbourhood is also an issue, the noises, and often physical encounters, causing distress in an already strained situation.

Their inactions tells us that SDCC doesn’t care, but why are they happy to operate out of the law?

We believe that they could decide to provide the required accommodation (wet room etc.) if they decided to do so, but they have directed their priorities elsewhere.