Éire go Brágh

Ag cur Glór an Phobail i Lár an Aonaigh

Putting the People’s Voice at Centre Stage


South Dublin County Council (#SDCC) is operating in breach of the law by denying appropriate accommodation to a man with serious disability.

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Misinformation & Neglect

The new Decision Support Services (April 2023), enacted to replace the 1871 Lunacy Regulations, has left about 2,000 stuck in the Wards system, and nobody is responding to the families pleas for help.

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Extending the definition of #FAMILY to include “all durable relationships” is nonsense, it is undefined, nobody knows when or how it starts or ends.

The #CARE amendment will do nothing for either carers or for people needing care, and why is it linked with the DELETION of the words “woman” and “mother” from our #Constitution?

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Selling Out Neutrality

Micháel Martin agreed terms at the summit in #Spain in 2022, it invites NATO to provide cyber security to Ireland a well as protecting the now famous ‘undersea cables’, which we are told are targeted by big bad Russia.

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