Éire go Brágh

Activity for youth and teenagers

The Cork Claiming Our Future group meet again yesterday – the work is progressing, schools and youth organisations have been contacted regarding the video/multi-media project for young people and some sponsorship has already been committed – however, the project needs more sponsors.

Participants in the competition are asked to record 1 minute or 5 minute video clips, to express what young people might think about the future of our society and how it might become a better place to live.  Video clips should be fun and original and the best will be published on YouTube and maybe elsewhere as part of the Claiming Our Future awareness work.

Application/entry forms should be available for download on the Facebook page soon, and they have also been sent out to many schools.  If you need further information on this competition please contact the Cork Claiming Our Future group c/o 021-5211822

The closing date for entries is: Friday 19th November … keep in touch with the Facebook page for updates.

Consultations with social organisations and voluntary groups.

It was also agreed at the meeting yesterday to write to a broad section of community/people organisations in the area about the Claiming Our Future movement – so that the discussion can be extended and involve more people.  Immediately all organisations are invited to send in a short statement (maybe a single paragraph) of their views on what they feel is important to our future, such exchanges will add to the collective and overall understanding of the issues.

Let’s claim our future …

The national conference of Claiming Our Future takes place next weekend and is already well over-subscribed; this is a measure of the concern citizens have and their intent to have a say in their own future.  Following the national conference the Cork group has committed to continuing the work and broadening the discussion.

Your involvement is needed, in whatever way possible.  There are Claiming Our Future groups organised throughout the country, contact details are available through the web site.

The Cork Group meets again next Thursday afternoon.