Éire go Brágh


The economic and political crisis seems to deepen on a daily basis now, there is no shortage of fresh scandal or insult upon insult to the people.

Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned, in Ireland our ‘rulers’ are on the fiddle too.  Why do we sit on the ditch while the hurling is in full flight?  Why are we immobilised as a people and not engaged in sorting out this mess?

People are rightly outraged and crying out for solutions!  However, campaigning on various issues, alone, is a waste of time – lack of real and meaningful democracy is the basic problem, without that we will solve nothing.

Of all the myriad of problems facing us none of them can be solved by complaining or canvassing or tinkering with policy or appealing to the ‘powers-that-be’.  To the existing political elite politics is a game, they ‘tell’ us what to do, ‘grant’ us this and that, deciding issues ‘for’ us – but it is all a sham, a charade – to hide the truly undemocratic nature of our system and its service to the tiny elite that hold power in this country.

Maybe we are immobilised because the rules are complicated?  Maybe its because the ‘game’ of politics is not structured for ordinary people to participate?  Maybe the pace and demands of life make it too difficult for people?  Maybe we feel we have no way to make meaningful input to political life? or maybe we can’t see how to win a game where the odds are stacked against us?  Well, as we know, neither life nor politics is a game … we think the rules can be made very simple and turned in our favour – we are very encouraged by developments taking place.

We are convinced that the basis for a solution is described in the report published by us under the title “Let us lay claim to Our Democracy!”  This report was prompted by a meeting of a potential new political party/organisation, and some ideas expressed there.  We were encouraged; our report was in response to some of the ideas raised and to comment on the general concept of people taking control of their own democracy.

It must be a ‘party’ with NO policies …

If a new ‘party’ is to be founded it must have absolutely NO policies at all.  The only object of this ‘party’ should be to organise the creation of ‘People’s Conventions’ (or some such) throughout the country.  Such Conventions must be created in every constituency to select candidates for the next election, from amongst the best people in our own communities.  Then, through these conventions, in a process of direct democracy, the people will decide what policies they want after their candidates have been elected.  Democracy shouldn’t end when the votes are cast!

Let’s make a clean sweep of Dáil Éireann!

We expect it is possible to make a clean sweep of Dáil Éireann, be rid of them all!  There will be no ‘tit-for-tat’ government –v- opposition wrangles, just the best citizens, selected democratically, discussing and enacting matters decided by the people in their conventions.  Imagine such a Dáil, bring on the day!

This will break away from the current system whereby the existing parties select their own candidates and we must pick from them – depending on this party system has not served the majority, they are more representative of the old ‘vested interests’ than of the people.

Let the people Select, Elect, Decide and Re-call …

The first act of the new Dáil then should be the holding of a referendum to enshrine the right of citizens to call referenda, and to enshrine the right to recall deputies who fail in their duty or who disregard the decisions of the convention that put them forward.

Is this the basis for popular unity amongst the people and all genuine pro-people opposition parties?

Such a ‘party’ should mean that everyone who is unhappy with the current stalemate in political life can unite on the simple principal of democratic renewal, without getting tied up in policy arguments, policies are for the people to decide.  Of course, existing political groups or individuals will continue to put forward their own particular analysis – but let’s agree that it is the people who will decide which policies they want themselves.  Parties may continue, but if they want support they should submit their candidates for selection by the People’s Conventions and agree to the rules about recall, consultation, decision etc.  The ‘party whip’ as such would be gone, candidates selected and elected by support from the ‘People’s Conventions’ will carry out the wishes and policy decided in these conventions.


We wish every success to this movement for democratic renewal.

Share this, pass it on, encourage the discussion!

We would encourage everyone to pass these articles on to their friends, and we would appreciate any feedback or suggestions on the ideas – which are still very much a developing concept.  We are aware that many people are now actively discussing these ideas and expect that they will be strenghtened by more people offering their views.

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