Éire go Brágh

But, we must know what we are doing, and know something about what alternative there is – otherwise we just exchange Punch for Judy.

I don’t believe that the Gov’t care one bit how much we protest, and they like it all the more when we appeal to THEM – it puts them in the driving seat.

These are not individuals of any principle or consciousness for the needs of the people – they are managing our enslavement.  They facilitate the destruction of the domestic economy & give away of our resources – while families are broken, lives are lost and whole communities are stripped of youth.

Under current conditions we are just economic units to serve masters.

So how do we change things?

We must stop handing our mandate over to anyone. We must empower ourselves in the political process and build the organisational means through which the citizens can rule the country.  This is not a utopian idea or impractical as the power-that-be tell us, but is does require that we, as a people, start to act differently.

We must decide in favour of citizen empowerment and study how this will happen, this can only be learned through engagement, through a conscious effort to find out.

Unless we strive to Empower Ourselves then anything else we do will result in just another vested interest ruling over us.  Either the people are empowered or we are not, at present we are not.

The Peoples Convention has made practical suggestions on how we can empower ourselves, all such suggestions are to be studied and more importantly taken up as our own.