Visit of USS Donald Cook

Machine Guns manned during visit to Cork by US / NATO warship, USS Donald Cook
The following motion was before the Cobh Municipal Council on 11th April, following the visit of US navy ship, the USS Donald Cook:
On the proposal of Cllr. Ó’Cadhla, it was agreed that a letter would issue to the Department of the Taoiseach seeking clarification as to whether:
  1. Government has given permission for US military personnel to carry automatic rifles and to man a heavy machine gun on board the USS Donald Cook during her recent visit to Cork Harbour.
  2. If permission was given, in what circumstances and under whose orders would the weapons be used.
  3. Were any checks made by our Defence Forces or Gardaí to ensure that the ship was not carrying any weapons of mass destruction during its visit.
  4. Did the visit of USS Donald Cook to Ireland in any way endanger the lives of Irish citizens, i.e. by offended peoples throughout the world who have been victims of attack by US military.
  5. Considering the role played by US warships in the aggressive NATO military alliance did the visit of USS Donald Cook violate our neutrality.

Here is the eventual reply from Government.