Éire go Brágh

The Face of Public Consultation: NATO, PESCO, WAR

Of 80 official speakers 79 at the ‘Forum on International Security Policy’ have “their bread buttered” by #NATO or the Defence Industry.

Myself, with the Irish Neutrality Campaign, and others opposed to war attended to defend peace and civilisation, and to stop us being dragged into supporting wars with either the EU and/or NATO.

Supporters of the Connolly Youth Movement denounced the Forum as anti-democratic and asked why the people were not being asked. Others said that Martin had betrayed Ireland, that people wanted #Peace and not #War.

Objectors were removed from the meeting.

Several public meetings and rallies against war have taken place.

Clearly Government is acting against the people’s wishes on the issue of #Neutrality.

CURIOUSLY, and BIZARLEY, on September 19th 2023 the Department of Foreign Affairs emailed me to withdraw/void my ticket for attending the Forum!?!? (see email here).

It seems that Big Brother is alive and well, even if a bit slow …