Éire go Brágh

The Cork ‘Claim our Future’ group has started and invites everyone to join in.

Having held it’s first meetings last Wed/Thursday this group has now opened a new Facebook page, please LIKE it and recommend it to your friends.  The group has it’s own momentum and activity and is linked with the national Claiming Our Future campaign/movement.

As a starting effort the group has initiated a multi-media project for children and one for teenagers, inviting submissions of 1 minute and 5 minute video clips under different category headings – to allow young people to express their concerns for today and into the future, what type of Ireland would young people like to see in the future.  This project might provide useful activity for ‘transition year’ students, learning actual skills in video production but also in the development of an inquiring and socially conscious mind and outlook.

Other matters discussed at the initial meetings last week include the possibility of an activity day in the city centre and plans for a mass meeting at some appropriate venue, maybe Connolly Hall or maybe City Hall – depending on availability.  It is thought that this meeting might offer concerned citizens an opportunity to express and share their views at this time and that it might provide the starting basis for a broader activity directed at encouraging citizens to take their future into their own hands.

The group is looking for sponsers for the video/multi-media project, so that prizes can be offered as encouragement for the efforts of participants.

Also, please pass the word around as the more people who get involved in this the better.