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Withdraw Irish Troops from Afghanistan Now: PANA

Withdraw Irish Troops from Afghanistan Now

Press Statement 2nd Oct. ’12 by ‘The Peace & Neutrality Alliance‘ Withdraw Irish Troops from Afghanistan Now The Peace & Neutrality Alliance campaigned against the Afghan War 2001-2012 before it even began. We argued that the terrorist attack on the US was a horrific crime and that the criminals responsible should be brought to justice […]

US Independence wasn’t just a ‘good idea’, it was required

These days Americans, at least those connected with the USA, are called upon to celebrate their independence as a free state and as a sovereign people.  This is a proper thing indeed because freedom and sovereignty are very precious things to any nation.  But why is there a reluctance in the case of the USA?  […]

We are already involved with military actions that are not led by the United Nations

Using the now common “UN approval” endorsement, rather than direct UN leadership, our government has committed large resources and personnel to EU and NATO led military missions. As at July 2008 these included over 780 Irish Army personnel …   EU led military missions: EUFOR (Operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina), EUFOR TCHAD/RCA Operation in CHAD […]

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