Éire go Brágh

Sieze the Opportunity!

Sieze the Opportunity! Presentation by Diarmaid Ó Cadhla to ‘Ruairí Ó Brádaigh Autumn School’hosted by Republican Sinn Féin, 20th to 22nd September 2019 A Chairde, Ba mhór an rud é domsa bheith i bhur láthair inniu, go raibh maith agaibh. Tuigim gur i measc daoine atá saol fada caite acu i mbun troda ar son […]

Ionad an Phobail – a Resource Centre for the People

People are forming campaign groups and various political initiatives everywhere. Such developments are testimony to the great energy of people and their search for solutions, it is also testimony to their resistance to the many policy impositions that have taken place in recent years. In order to facilitate the development of a broad movement of […]

Discussion about Empowerment – Awaken Forum

The Awaken Ireland Forum is continuing every two weeks at the Imperial Hotel in Cork.  The forum is a facilitated ‘open space’ discussion, where participants select the topics they wish to discuss themselves and break into group discussions, later coming together to share at the end of the evening.  Topic selection varies with the participants […]

Someone has said that we need to fight for socialism?

Karl Marx

In our opinion, neither ‘Socialism’, nor any other ‘ism’, can be the basis for building a united democratic movement of the people. It is good that we all have our own policy preferences … but democracy requires us to accept that it is the right of the citizens to determine the policy of our state. […]

‘Ireland’s Future IV’ – Shall we draw a Conclusion?

The Awaken Ireland group has organised a series of “open space” discussions, which have covered many topics, but most interesting to us has been the broad question of democracy and empowerment. The 4th session of this discussion takes place at the Imperial Hotel in Cork on Monday 3rd September. The following comment by Diarmaid Ó […]

Political ‘Reform’ raises it’s Ugly head – to Deceive us!

In the Irish Times today Fintan O’Toole comments on the Governments reform proposals, describing them as “feeble”, but he is just adding more of the same meaningless proposals. Our comment on O’Toole’s article is republished here: Mr. O’Toole is correct that there is a huge demand for real reform and that the Gov’t is not […]

Encouraging Mr. Taft & ‘Civil Society’ towards Empowerment of the Citizens

In an article posted on the question of Constitutional and Peoples Conventions Michael Taft, economist, advanced the idea of “reputable groups” and “civil society” coming together to … create a Peoples Convention… Needless to say we have something to say in that regard. We are encouraged that Mr Taft would want to address the problems and […]

An Invitation to Discussion – to all Citizens & Organisations

We the People Must Organise to Empower Ourselves! Some of us have spent decades campaigning on various issues, taking positions in defence of the people’s interests, advocating what we consider to be progressive policies.  We have condemned the powers-that-be for their disgraceful abuse of the people’s mandate.  We have protested and written articles, we have […]

Mattie McGrath did an interesting thing

Last week, in the final days of nominations for the Presidential election an interesting thing happened in South Tipperary.  Mattie McGrath TD went back to his constituency to get a decision on how he should vote on the question of whether he would nominate David Norris or not. Of course McGrath did not mean he […]