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Work of ‘Cork Claiming Our Future’ group is progressing.

Activity for youth and teenagers The Cork Claiming Our Future group meet again yesterday – the work is progressing, schools and youth organisations have been contacted regarding the video/multi-media project for young people and some sponsorship has already been committed – however, the project needs more sponsors. Participants in the competition are asked to record 1 […]

Your feedback is important – thank you!

We continue to receive many nice and encouraging comments in regards to our Facebook page and web site, thanks to one and all!  Rather than reply privately this time we though better to publish and share with everyone, (thanks to Kate for her recent message). What’s it all for? There are two important concepts that we […]

Dedicated to the cause of the majority…

thefuture Initiative is dedicated to the future … to new thinking, to finding answers and to problem solving. It is dedicated to the great majority, always down-trodden in our society. This site is dedicated to the families left in negative equity, those robbed or disposessed by the plunder of ‘Celtic Tigers’; to young people worried […]

Support the struggle of the Palestinian People!

thefuture Initiative calls on all democratic and freedom loving people to support the struggle of the Palestinian people.  This page is will carry regular notices supporting the campaign activity: Boycott Israeli Products – demo and march (Sat, 28th August 2010 in Cork) Daunt Square (junction of Patrick Street and Grand Parade) 1:00 PM   Boycott Israeli […]

Support the struggle of the Palestinian people for their Freedom & Independance!

This page is dedicated in support of the Palestinian people, to establish their own homeland, to end Israel’s illegal and unjust blockade on Gaza, for lasting peace, and for freedom from foreign imperialist intervention. Activity in the campaign to support the Palestinian people. In turn all of the big imperialist powers, the US and Britain in […]

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