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‘The Sovereign People’, P.H. Pearse, Republish series 4 of 4

James Fintan Lalor - Young Irelander, Patriot.

PREFACE This pamphlet concludes the examination of the Irish definition of freedom which I promised in Ghosts. For my part, I have no more to say. P. H. PEARSE ST. ENDA’S COLLEGE, RATHFARNHAM, 31st March, 1916 A .PDF copy of the article may be downloaded here (featured image is of James Fintan Lalor). The Sovereign People National […]

‘The Spiritual Nation’, P.H. Pearse, Republish series 3 of 4

The Spiritual Nation, PH Pearse article on Sovereignty.

PREFACE This Tract continues and develops the argument commenced in Ghosts, and pursued in The Separatist Idea, and should be read in connection with those Tracts (which form Nos. 10 and 11 of this series). It is not to be taken as an attempt to represent the whole of Davis’s mind or to summarise the […]

‘The Separatist Idea’, P.H. Pearse, Republish series 2 of 4

The Sereratist Idea - Pádraig Mac Piarais

PREFACE This is the first of three pamphlets in which I propose to develop the contention put forward in Ghosts, the whole forming a continuous argument. The further pamphlets of the series will be entitled The Spiritual Nation and The Sovereign People, respectively. P. H. PEARSE. ST. ENDA’S COLLEGE, RATHFARNHAM, 1st February, 1916. A .PDF […]

‘Ghosts’, by PH Pearse. Republish series 1 of 4

Preface Here be ghosts that I have raised this Christmastide, ghosts of dead men that have bequeathed a trust to us living men. Ghosts are troublesome things in a house or in a family, as we knew even before Ibsen taught us. There is only one way to appease a ghost. You must do the […]