Éire go Brágh

Censorship at Cork County Council

Attempt to Disallow Discussion on the Issue of War, Peace & our Neutrality This matter was challenged at the meeting of Cork County Council held on 23rd April 2018. A Notice of Motion had been submitted for the meeting but was excluded from the agenda on the ‘suggestion’ of the Mayor, as follows: “I don’t […]

Support the struggle of the Palestinian People!

thefuture Initiative calls on all democratic and freedom loving people to support the struggle of the Palestinian people.  This page is will carry regular notices supporting the campaign activity: Boycott Israeli Products – demo and march (Sat, 28th August 2010 in Cork) Daunt Square (junction of Patrick Street and Grand Parade) 1:00 PM   Boycott Israeli […]

Support the struggle of the Palestinian people for their Freedom & Independance!

This page is dedicated in support of the Palestinian people, to establish their own homeland, to end Israel’s illegal and unjust blockade on Gaza, for lasting peace, and for freedom from foreign imperialist intervention. Activity in the campaign to support the Palestinian people. In turn all of the big imperialist powers, the US and Britain in […]