Éire go Brágh


The following was published by the Ballyhea/Charleville Says NO! group, a .PDF copy of this document can be downloaded here. There is a major imbalance in Ireland’s contribution to the current Europe-wide crisis. To correct that imbalance, and after consultation with several experts in the field, the Ballyhea & Charleville group, part of the growing […]

Lined up to announce the great achievement

Monday gave us the spectacle of our esteemed leaders lining up in the manner of some great occasion of state – bringing out all the heads – to tell us some important news.  One would be forgiven for thinking that the revised National Development Plan (NDP) capital expenditure budget was a great achievement. More bang […]

No to bailouts for the bankers and developers!

Section of the march against NAMA on O’Connell Street, Dublin, September 12th 2009. NO TO NAMA – NOT ONE CENT IN CUTBACKS! On September 12th the Irish People’s Union organised a successful protest against government plans to ‘rescue’ the Banking sector at the expense of ordinary Irish people.  Other protests have followed throughout the country, […]

Support the anti-NAMA Protests in Cork & Dublin

Where : St. Patrick’s Bridge, Cork City. When : 3.00 PM Saturday 19th September 2009 Organised by the ‘Cork United Alliance Against The Cuts’ Where : Garden of Remembrance, Dublin. When : 1.00 PM Saturday 19th September 2009 Organised by the United Alliance Against Cuts Where : Garden of Remembrance, Dublin. When : 2.00 PM Saturday 12th September 2009 […]