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“They Shall Not Pass!” is the Judgement of Enlightenment

 No Pasarán! ‘Ils ne passeront pas! WE HAVE NO TIME FOR RACISM OR FASCISM! thefuture Initiative has removed a series of postings from our Facebook page, there were links from an organisation styling itself as ‘nationalist’ but who in reality are racist and more like crude fascism than anything else. Their ‘nationalism‘ has more in […]

Letter re: Chambers Ireland & their slavishness to FDI

The following is the text of a letter I wrote to the papers dated 27th May 2012, it was published by Cork’s Evening Echo and by the Irish Independent. The letter was promoted by hearing repeatedly that various business associations, Chambers Ireland and Retail Ireland included, were again repeating the call for a Yes vote, […]

Vótáil i gCoinne an Conradh Fioscach!

Tá thefuture Initiative tar éis 350 póstaer a chur amach i gcoinne an Conradh Fioscach, le dhá phointe dhéag dhifriúla ar fad orthu, agus meascán dathanna chun aird a tharraingt orthu. An príomh rud a seasann amach ar na bpóstaeir seo ná gur ina hiomlán i nGaeilge atá siad, agus cén fáth ná bheadh!  É […]

Bréagadóirí ar fad atá sna Páirtithe Polaitiúla – gach duine acu!

Is deacair a chreidiúint go bhfuil bliain imithe ón lá a síneadh an conradh fealltach sin leis an Troika – an IMF/ECB/EU, an ‘bailout’ mar a ghlaotar air go minic.  Rinneadh an conradh sin idir an Taoiseach, an tAire Airgeadais agus an Troika ar son muintir na hÉireann – ní raibh aon réamheolais, fiú ag […]

Lisbon Treaty: Lack of democracy is still the issue.

They keep telling us what to do! In 2002 we were brought back to vote a 2nd time on the Nice Treaty, we were told we got it wrong and had to say “Yes”.  Last year we had to go back again and re-vote on Lisbon, again, to get it right … we were told by […]

The Lisbon Treaty – No Jobs – More War.

Press Release 2/10/10   Peace & Neutrality Alliance The Lisbon Treaty – No Jobs – More War October 2 marks the anniversary of the second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty when the Irish people were bullied and intimidated into reversing their earlier rejection of it by a political/media elite led by Fianna Fail that gives […]

It’s a YES vote on the Lisbon Treaty, with a 2 to 1 majority.

The people have voted in favour of the Lisbon Treaty, we must consider why? Why, at the request of the cartel parties and other vested interests, have the people reversed their earlier decision? Why are voters listening to those politicians and representative of big business when this same cartel are the ones pushing through the […]

Statement of the Campaign Against the European Constitution

Press statement: October 3, 2009 Electorate bullied into Yes vote Call cynical Labour and trade union leaders to account Resist cuts — break the Stability & Growth Pact rules The victory of the Yes campaign in the Lisbon referendum is the result of sustained bullying, threats and lies by the Government, the Opposition, the leaders […]

Statement by Anthony Coughlan on the Lisbon Two referendum result

Not the will of the people, but the fear of the people, has led a majority of Irish voters to approve ratifying the Lisbon Treaty in yesterday’s re-run referendum. Ireland’s voters voted not on the content of Lisbon but on membership of the EU, on fear of political isolation if they did not say Yes […]

Votáil i gcoinne Liospóin! Vote NO to Lisbon!

thefuture Initiative issued an A4 leaflet on 3rd Sept., for distribution in Cork, Waterford and Dublin as part of the campaign for a NO Vote The articles are re-produced in this news blog and a .PDF of the flyer can be downloaded here… lisbon_treaty.pdf In the coming week we expect to erect serveral hundred posters We have reproduced […]

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