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Kilmichael – Céad Bliain ina Dhiaidh

Kilmichael – Céad Bliain ina Dhiaidh I was invited by the Independent National Commemoration Committee to  give the main talk at the Centenary of the Kilmichael Ambush, held Sunday 29th November 2020. A .PDF file of the text may be downloaded here. A video of the full event, including some lovely singing, can be seen on Youtube. A chairde, […]

Parade for RIGHTS in 2016

The following is the text of the talk delivered by Diarmaid Ó Cadhla at the parade held in Cork on the eve of the actual Centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising, 23rd April. There is widespread celebration of the 1916 Rising, huge numbers are attending events to pay their respects to the men and women […]

1916 – Let’s have a People’s Celebration?

Celebrate the Centenary by rebuilding the Unity of ‘Irishmen and Irishwomen’ in the great cause for which our Patriots struggled! A .PDF copy of this article can be downloaded here. Our Patriots wre self-less; they never counted the cost; they sought no fame; there was no greed; they were content to ‘scatter the seed’. Our […]

James Connolly was proud to raise the Green Flag of Ireland.

It is neither Social Class nor Philosophy, but Democracy that is the issue today Let’s make our own analysis of today’s conditions, to create a decent future is something we must do for ourselves. James Connolly made a unique and original contribution to our history. He revealed more on the fundamental truth previously highlighted, in […]

Vote for James Connolly – pass it on!

RTÉ, with a somewhat odd idea of public service, has run a competition to find Ireland’s “greatest” person and has placed the heroic name of James Connolly beside that of Bono, something one would never imagine.  But James Connolly wouldn’t be upset in the least, and neither would we be – except to imagine what the […]

For what died the sons of Róisín?

Leader of the Easter Rising 1916 Pádraig Mac Piarais, born 10 November 1879, executed 3 May 1916. Together he and James Connolly united the patriotic movement with that of the working class, the resolution of whose interests remains inter-dependant. “The cause of labour is the cause of Ireland, the cause of Ireland is the cause […]

‘Be Moderate’ verse by James Connolly.

In James Connolly’s time there were labour ‘leaders’ who recommended moderation in the workers demands … he wrote some verse … We only want the Earth Some men, faint-hearted, ever seek our programme to retouch, And will insist, when’re they speak that we demand too much. ‘Tis passing strange, yet I declare such statements cause […]

The Irish Flag – James Connolly

This article appeared in James Connolly’s Workers’ Republic on 8th April 1916, just weeks before the Irish Citizen Army marched out with the Irish Volunteers to declare the Irish Republic, for all of the people of Ireland. Connolly explained that: “The cause of labour is the cause of Ireland, the cause of Ireland is the cause […]

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