Bréagadóirí ar fad atá sna Páirtithe Polaitiúla – gach duine acu!

Is deacair a chreidiúint go bhfuil bliain imithe ón lá a síneadh an conradh fealltach sin leis an Troika – an IMF/ECB/EU, an ‘bailout’ mar a ghlaotar air go minic.  Rinneadh an conradh sin idir an Taoiseach, an tAire Airgeadais agus an Troika ar son muintir na hÉireann – ní raibh aon réamheolais, fiú ag … Continue reading “Bréagadóirí ar fad atá sna Páirtithe Polaitiúla – gach duine acu!”

Interview: Chairman of Referendum Commission #oiref

The Referendum on Oireachtas Committee of Inquiries (Amendment 30) has shades of the ‘House Un-American Activities Committee’ of infamy during the USA’s McCartyite Era It is the view of thefuture Initiative that these powers are far in excess of what any Government inner circle should ever have – they replace the role of independent courts … Continue reading “Interview: Chairman of Referendum Commission #oiref”

Gallagher – the Dragon Emerges from his Lair

What about Seán Gallagher, former National Executive member of Fianna Fáil, looking like favourite in Presidential election? The business and corporate ethos remains to the fore. “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” — Benito Mussolini It is not proven that these words were ever … Continue reading “Gallagher – the Dragon Emerges from his Lair”

Talk Talk scandal reveals conflicting interests

The people of Waterford are to lose a further 575 jobs.  Talk Talk announced closure last week giving only one months notice to staff – the minimum possible – even though some have 10 years service.  Some workers were left to hear the news through social media or news reports as they were not present … Continue reading “Talk Talk scandal reveals conflicting interests”

Fiach Mac Conghail – Tadhg an dá thaobh?

In an article in today’s Irish Times Fiach Mac Conghail outlines a number of political reforms that he supports, in a hands-off sort of way. The ideas are put out in the guise that this is what the We The Citizens group and their own commissioned MRBI pole discovered – ideas that the government are … Continue reading “Fiach Mac Conghail – Tadhg an dá thaobh?”

Revolutions of the past still talk to us

Someone has asked why we should bother looking at history at all, wouldn’t we be better focusing on the future? We do not look at history for reasons of nostalgia or wishing that we might repeat what was done before, but correcting any ‘mistakes’.  Our focus is, and should be, on the future, on finding … Continue reading “Revolutions of the past still talk to us”

Would Positive Discrimination bring some benefit?

The new government has declared that it will abolish the Seanad and that it wants just one ‘house’ in the Oireachtas, Dáil Éireann. In democratic conditions, where citizens control their own assembly of representatives, and consequently are the decision makers in the society, there would be no need for anything more than a single assembly or … Continue reading “Would Positive Discrimination bring some benefit?”

An Chomhdháil Phobail | The People’s Convention

Your assistance is needed in getting a new initiative off the ground. We are pleased to pass on the following information: The new An Chomhdháil Phobail / The Peoples Convention (CPPC) will be announced on Saturday 27th November next – the ICTU demonstration in Dublin will be used to leaflet the public, a web site will … Continue reading “An Chomhdháil Phobail | The People’s Convention”

Should troubled mortgage holders stop paying the banks?

Such a question usually draws gasps of “you must be realistic” or “oh you don’t understand anything, do you” from the well paid ‘experts’ in economics and politics – because such a suggestion is contrary to the basic principles on which our economy is organised and which pays the wages of these ‘experts’.  But, given the systemic … Continue reading “Should troubled mortgage holders stop paying the banks?”

“Yes, we are all different”, they say – the lie is admitted!

All of the Cartel parties have confirmed that their policy on the economy is the same, what else matters? We have already seen their attitude towards democracy itself, especially so in the re-run of the Lisbon referendum last year. Download .PDF image of the published A4 leaflet here… Yes-we-are-all-different.pdf The Cartel are all now in agreement on the … Continue reading ““Yes, we are all different”, they say – the lie is admitted!”