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Is there No End to this Crisis?

This weeks’ discussion on the question of water meters, and the revelation that there will be problems applying it to one third of households, tells its own story.  It was the same with the household and septic tank charges, there is a blinkered haste to impose this policy. The point is that this policy is […]

A letter from Diarmuid O’Flynn – Ballyhea Says No!

Bally anti-bailout protest

Ballyhea Charleville Co. Cork 086 2752664 February 17th 2012 Dear Sir/Madam: IRELAND ENSLAVED                 We are an enslaved people, our function to provide funds for the major European and world financial institutions. As slaves, and in common with the people of Greece, another enslaved nation, we have no rights, we have only uses. People wonder […]

“Our Sovereignty is Gone” – No it is not!

Even though our rights are being stripped at every level, and our resources have been sold off, and we are enslaved to an avaricious financial system which cares nothing for our future – we are still a Sovereign people.  It is still our right to direct the affairs of our state, it is the right […]

Gallagher – the Dragon Emerges from his Lair

Seán-Gallagher champion of Corporate Ethos

What about Seán Gallagher, former National Executive member of Fianna Fáil, looking like favourite in Presidential election? The business and corporate ethos remains to the fore. “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” — Benito Mussolini It is not proven that these words were ever […]

Should we withdraw from the bond and currency markets?

The big powers consider the currency crisis This past weekend the IMF & G20 failed to agree on currency policy and broke up leaving continued uncertainty on the management of currency markets worldwide.  China, which holds nearly $2.5 trillion in its currency reserves, is resisting ongoing pressure to revalue its own currency, which would ease pressure on […]

Lisbon Treaty: Lack of democracy is still the issue.

They keep telling us what to do! In 2002 we were brought back to vote a 2nd time on the Nice Treaty, we were told we got it wrong and had to say “Yes”.  Last year we had to go back again and re-vote on Lisbon, again, to get it right … we were told by […]

The Lisbon Treaty – No Jobs – More War.

Press Release 2/10/10   Peace & Neutrality Alliance The Lisbon Treaty – No Jobs – More War October 2 marks the anniversary of the second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty when the Irish people were bullied and intimidated into reversing their earlier rejection of it by a political/media elite led by Fianna Fail that gives […]

Lined up to announce the great achievement

Monday gave us the spectacle of our esteemed leaders lining up in the manner of some great occasion of state – bringing out all the heads – to tell us some important news.  One would be forgiven for thinking that the revised National Development Plan (NDP) capital expenditure budget was a great achievement. More bang […]

It’s a YES vote on the Lisbon Treaty, with a 2 to 1 majority.

The people have voted in favour of the Lisbon Treaty, we must consider why? Why, at the request of the cartel parties and other vested interests, have the people reversed their earlier decision? Why are voters listening to those politicians and representative of big business when this same cartel are the ones pushing through the […]

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