Éire go Brágh

“Yes, we are all different”, they say – the lie is admitted!

All of the Cartel parties have confirmed that their policy on the economy is the same, what else matters? We have already seen their attitude towards democracy itself, especially so in the re-run of the Lisbon referendum last year. Download .PDF image of the published A4 leaflet here… Yes-we-are-all-different.pdf The Cartel are all now in agreement on the […]

Joe Costello & Labour are part of the Cartel

Yesterday, Joe Costello, the Labour Party TD in Dublin Central, made a big deal of supporting the “Community & Voluntary Sector”, outlining how hard pressed this sector actually is and highlighting how severe the crisis has become for so many people – every month: there are about 2,500 homes with ESB disconnection and about 400 Bórd […]

Should we withdraw from the bond and currency markets?

The big powers consider the currency crisis This past weekend the IMF & G20 failed to agree on currency policy and broke up leaving continued uncertainty on the management of currency markets worldwide.  China, which holds nearly $2.5 trillion in its currency reserves, is resisting ongoing pressure to revalue its own currency, which would ease pressure on […]

USA will print more currency, again – Quantitative Easing

U.S. stocks prices have lifted since Tuesday as details from the US Federal Reserve latest meeting announced that it’s central bank will once again flood markets with cheap cash to boost growth – this follows the weekend meeting where the IMF, G20 and the US failed to convince China to revalue it currency.  Apparently November […]

The vested interests persist with plunder!

William Slattery, left. The merry dance continues … In the past few days another ‘independent’ commentator, with clear vested interests, said we should cut 30,000 jobs in the Public service.     First dancers, take the floor … William Slattery, National Competitiveness Council member, advisor to An Bórd Snip Nua, and head of the US finance […]

What do you think – is this the way forward?

  The economic and political crisis seems to deepen on a daily basis now, there is no shortage of fresh scandal or insult upon insult to the people. Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned, in Ireland our ‘rulers’ are on the fiddle too.  Why do we sit on the ditch while the hurling is […]

What should the working class demand in the face of this economic crisis?

Download a .PDF image of the published A4 leaflet here… Cutbacks.pdf (includes additional items) The original publication included the words of ’Be Moderate’/’We only want the Earth’ by James Connolly, they are available here. First thing is to demand a solution which serves the people’s interests, and then, those with responsibility must be called to account for […]