Éire go Brágh

Bréagadóirí ar fad atá sna Páirtithe Polaitiúla – gach duine acu!

Is deacair a chreidiúint go bhfuil bliain imithe ón lá a síneadh an conradh fealltach sin leis an Troika – an IMF/ECB/EU, an ‘bailout’ mar a ghlaotar air go minic.  Rinneadh an conradh sin idir an Taoiseach, an tAire Airgeadais agus an Troika ar son muintir na hÉireann – ní raibh aon réamheolais, fiú ag […]

Is Inequality in our Society Accepted?

In an article published today Vincent Browne presents a excellent analysis of the gross inequality in our society, not just in Ireland but worldwide.  But he suggests that this system of inequalities has the consent of the people, we disagree on that. ” The greatest trick capitalism has ever pulled was persuading the world its […]

“Our Sovereignty is Gone” – No it is not!

Even though our rights are being stripped at every level, and our resources have been sold off, and we are enslaved to an avaricious financial system which cares nothing for our future – we are still a Sovereign people.  It is still our right to direct the affairs of our state, it is the right […]

Shameful neglect of ‘Special Needs’ highlighted

A packed meeting last week heard upsetting stories from hard pressed parents, teachers and Special Needs Assistants (SNA).  These normally silent and voiceless people suffer from services withdrawn by the previous government and again by the current FG/Labour coalition. The effect of these cuts has been to deprive children of their rights as equal citizens. […]

More on welfare ‘Fraud’, the values are bogus.

Social Welfare Fraud

We have condemned Minister Burton’s Campaign Against Welfare Fraud as being a witch-hunt against the weakest in our society.  She is appealing to the basest intellect – encouraging neighbours to spy on each other and criminalising masses of citizens who are already victims of continued corrupt political and economic systems. She has quoted millions of […]

Burton’s Campaign Against Social Welfare Fraud

Joan Burton’s anti-fraud campaign is encouraging us to report anyone suspected of making false or improper welfare claims.  She says that there are hundreds of millions being recovered in this campaign and that this year so far they have received over 8,500 anonymous tips from members of the public. It is a curious thing for […]

Talk Talk scandal reveals conflicting interests

Foreign Direct Investment is a mistake

The people of Waterford are to lose a further 575 jobs.  Talk Talk announced closure last week giving only one months notice to staff – the minimum possible – even though some have 10 years service.  Some workers were left to hear the news through social media or news reports as they were not present […]

Deepening crisis demands a new type of response

The news this past week has been grim, the crisis is deepening. We have ever increasing numbers unemployed, continuing emigration, more families facing mortgage crisis and more cutbacks in essential services. These problems in our society are causing untold destruction to the lives of individuals, families and whole communities.  The domestic economy continues to contract […]


The Irish Bank Borrowers Network, based in Douglas Cork, have organised a public meeting this Saturday. The meeting starts on Saturday 9th at 11am and takes place at Gresham Metropole Hotel, Mac Curtain Street, Cork. Meeting: Saturday 9th @ 11am – METROPOLE HOTEL, Cork. The organisers are calling to radically address the needs of families, […]

Should troubled mortgage holders stop paying the banks?

Such a question usually draws gasps of “you must be realistic” or “oh you don’t understand anything, do you” from the well paid ‘experts’ in economics and politics – because such a suggestion is contrary to the basic principles on which our economy is organised and which pays the wages of these ‘experts’.  But, given the systemic […]

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