Yes, we need to do something!

But, we must know what we are doing, and know something about what alternative there is – otherwise we just exchange Punch for Judy. I don’t believe that the Gov’t care one bit how much we protest, and they like it all the more when we appeal to THEM – it puts them in the … Continue reading “Yes, we need to do something!”

Encouraging Mr. Taft & ‘Civil Society’ towards Empowerment of the Citizens

In an article posted on the question of Constitutional and Peoples Conventions Michael Taft, economist, advanced the idea of “reputable groups” and “civil society” coming together to … create a Peoples Convention… Needless to say we have something to say in that regard. We are encouraged that Mr Taft would want to address the problems and … Continue reading “Encouraging Mr. Taft & ‘Civil Society’ towards Empowerment of the Citizens”

Ráiteas Preas: (translation attached) An Conradh Fioscach

[box type=”info”]An Conradh Fioscach[/box] Ráiteas Preas: (translation attached), 17ú Bealtaine 2012 Seo cóip PDF den ráiteas, PDF copy of statement available here. Beidh taispeántas póstaeir agus ráiteas eisithe ón eagraíocht ‘thefuture Initiative’ ar an Luan seo chugainn (21ú lá) ag Meán Lae 12:00, taobh amuigh de gheataí Dáil Éireann, Teach Laighean, Baile Átha Cliath.   Tá … Continue reading “Ráiteas Preas: (translation attached) An Conradh Fioscach”

An Invitation to Discussion – to all Citizens & Organisations

We the People Must Organise to Empower Ourselves! Some of us have spent decades campaigning on various issues, taking positions in defence of the people’s interests, advocating what we consider to be progressive policies.  We have condemned the powers-that-be for their disgraceful abuse of the people’s mandate.  We have protested and written articles, we have … Continue reading “An Invitation to Discussion – to all Citizens & Organisations”

An Chomhdháil Phobail | The People’s Convention

Your assistance is needed in getting a new initiative off the ground. We are pleased to pass on the following information: The new An Chomhdháil Phobail / The Peoples Convention (CPPC) will be announced on Saturday 27th November next – the ICTU demonstration in Dublin will be used to leaflet the public, a web site will … Continue reading “An Chomhdháil Phobail | The People’s Convention”

Work of ‘Cork Claiming Our Future’ group is progressing.

Activity for youth and teenagers The Cork Claiming Our Future group meet again yesterday – the work is progressing, schools and youth organisations have been contacted regarding the video/multi-media project for young people and some sponsorship has already been committed – however, the project needs more sponsors. Participants in the competition are asked to record 1 … Continue reading “Work of ‘Cork Claiming Our Future’ group is progressing.”

Your feedback is important – thank you!

We continue to receive many nice and encouraging comments in regards to our Facebook page and web site, thanks to one and all!  Rather than reply privately this time we though better to publish and share with everyone, (thanks to Kate for her recent message). What’s it all for? There are two important concepts that we … Continue reading “Your feedback is important – thank you!”

The Cork ‘Claim our Future’ group has started and invites everyone to join in.

Having held it’s first meetings last Wed/Thursday this group has now opened a new Facebook page, please LIKE it and recommend it to your friends.  The group has it’s own momentum and activity and is linked with the national Claiming Our Future campaign/movement. As a starting effort the group has initiated a multi-media project for junior children and … Continue reading “The Cork ‘Claim our Future’ group has started and invites everyone to join in.”

Lisbon Treaty: Lack of democracy is still the issue.

They keep telling us what to do! In 2002 we were brought back to vote a 2nd time on the Nice Treaty, we were told we got it wrong and had to say “Yes”.  Last year we had to go back again and re-vote on Lisbon, again, to get it right … we were told by … Continue reading “Lisbon Treaty: Lack of democracy is still the issue.”

What do you think – is this the way forward?

  The economic and political crisis seems to deepen on a daily basis now, there is no shortage of fresh scandal or insult upon insult to the people. Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned, in Ireland our ‘rulers’ are on the fiddle too.  Why do we sit on the ditch while the hurling is … Continue reading “What do you think – is this the way forward?”