Ionad an Phobail – a Resource Centre for the People

People are forming campaign groups and various political initiatives everywhere. Such developments are testimony to the great energy of people and their search for solutions, it is also testimony to their resistance to the many policy impositions that have taken place in recent years. In order to facilitate the development of a broad movement of … Continue reading “Ionad an Phobail – a Resource Centre for the People”

Do we know what Local Government is?

There are elections due in May… Politics these days is almost like a dirty word, it is associated with junkets, corruption, back-room deals, dishonesty, dynasties and generally something divorced from the people. It is a sad reality that today the vast majority of citizens are effectively excluded from our democratic process, we have no say … Continue reading “Do we know what Local Government is?”

A MODEST PROPOSAL – Jonathan Swift

Published in 1729, learn about this work of satire on Wiki. For preventing the children of poor people in Ireland, from being a burden on their parents or country, and for making them beneficial to the publick. by Dr. Jonathan Swift It is a melancholy object to those, who walk through this great town, or travel … Continue reading “A MODEST PROPOSAL – Jonathan Swift”

Someone has said that we need to fight for socialism?

In our opinion, neither ‘Socialism’, nor any other ‘ism’, can be the basis for building a united democratic movement of the people. It is good that we all have our own policy preferences … but democracy requires us to accept that it is the right of the citizens to determine the policy of our state. … Continue reading “Someone has said that we need to fight for socialism?”

“They Shall Not Pass!” is the Judgement of Enlightenment

 No Pasarán! ‘Ils ne passeront pas! WE HAVE NO TIME FOR RACISM OR FASCISM! thefuture Initiative has removed a series of postings from our Facebook page, there were links from an organisation styling itself as ‘nationalist’ but who in reality are racist and more like crude fascism than anything else. Their ‘nationalism‘ has more in … Continue reading ““They Shall Not Pass!” is the Judgement of Enlightenment”

Politics with a Perspective for Empowerment

A new Facebook page dealing with Politics in Cork has opened. I hope this page will encourage debate to on how the people can address the most serious problem in our society, the need for Empowerment of the Citizens. We are too frequently dragged into different ‘single issue’ campaigns, a sort of fire fighting approach, … Continue reading “Politics with a Perspective for Empowerment”

‘Ireland’s Future IV’ – Shall we draw a Conclusion?

The Awaken Ireland group has organised a series of “open space” discussions, which have covered many topics, but most interesting to us has been the broad question of democracy and empowerment. The 4th session of this discussion takes place at the Imperial Hotel in Cork on Monday 3rd September. The following comment by Diarmaid Ó … Continue reading “‘Ireland’s Future IV’ – Shall we draw a Conclusion?”

Our State is Constituted as Democratic

Ireland IS a democracy, that is what the people constituted with the enactment of Bunreacht na hÉireann in 1937. Our state is the result of centuries of struggle by the people for democracy and independence – even though it hasn’t been yet fully realised. However, our democratic rights have been usurped. Every since our Bunreacht … Continue reading “Our State is Constituted as Democratic”

Yes, we need to do something!

But, we must know what we are doing, and know something about what alternative there is – otherwise we just exchange Punch for Judy. I don’t believe that the Gov’t care one bit how much we protest, and they like it all the more when we appeal to THEM – it puts them in the … Continue reading “Yes, we need to do something!”

Political ‘Reform’ raises it’s Ugly head – to Deceive us!

In the Irish Times today Fintan O’Toole comments on the Governments reform proposals, describing them as “feeble”, but he is just adding more of the same meaningless proposals. Our comment on O’Toole’s article is republished here: Mr. O’Toole is correct that there is a huge demand for real reform and that the Gov’t is not … Continue reading “Political ‘Reform’ raises it’s Ugly head – to Deceive us!”