Éire go Brágh

Burton’s Campaign Against Social Welfare Fraud

Joan Burton’s anti-fraud campaign is encouraging us to report anyone suspected of making false or improper welfare claims.  She says that there are hundreds of millions being recovered in this campaign and that this year so far they have received over 8,500 anonymous tips from members of the public. It is a curious thing for […]

Deepening crisis demands a new type of response

The news this past week has been grim, the crisis is deepening. We have ever increasing numbers unemployed, continuing emigration, more families facing mortgage crisis and more cutbacks in essential services. These problems in our society are causing untold destruction to the lives of individuals, families and whole communities.  The domestic economy continues to contract […]

Stefan Adami from Slovakia is dead – shame on our state!

Firstly, our condolence to the wife and family of Stefan on their tragic loss, may he rest in peace. I was driving on Wednesday when this shocking story hit the news on Live Line; I had a lump in my troath for several hours thinking about it. How can an ordinary decent man who came […]

Joe Costello & Labour are part of the Cartel

Yesterday, Joe Costello, the Labour Party TD in Dublin Central, made a big deal of supporting the “Community & Voluntary Sector”, outlining how hard pressed this sector actually is and highlighting how severe the crisis has become for so many people – every month: there are about 2,500 homes with ESB disconnection and about 400 Bórd […]

Lined up to announce the great achievement

Monday gave us the spectacle of our esteemed leaders lining up in the manner of some great occasion of state – bringing out all the heads – to tell us some important news.  One would be forgiven for thinking that the revised National Development Plan (NDP) capital expenditure budget was a great achievement. More bang […]

What should the working class demand in the face of this economic crisis?

Download a .PDF image of the published A4 leaflet here… Cutbacks.pdf (includes additional items) The original publication included the words of ’Be Moderate’/’We only want the Earth’ by James Connolly, they are available here. First thing is to demand a solution which serves the people’s interests, and then, those with responsibility must be called to account for […]