Éire go Brágh

This page is dedicated in support of the Palestinian people, to establish their own homeland, to end Israel’s illegal and unjust blockade on Gaza, for lasting peace, and for freedom from foreign imperialist intervention.

Activity in the campaign to support the Palestinian people.

In turn all of the big imperialist powers, the US and Britain in particular, have interfered in the Middle East; dividing the peoples and ensuring the ongoing exploitation of the regions resources in the service of foreign capital.

Israel has been the key factor for US intervention in the region; US investment has propped up their economy and military and has protected them from any international sanction over the many crimes against humanity committed by that state.

Foreign intervention in the Middle East has allowed the development of fascist Zionism and has fuelled reaction of all kinds amongst the local populations, causing divisions and frustrating their efforts to unite and resolve their own problems.

We salute the heroic struggle of the Palestinian people in defence of their rights and condemn the US and their friends in Israel for the crimes!