Review of Rebuilding Ireland

NOTICE OF MOTION submitted for meeting of full Council on Monday 26th June 2017:
 “That this Council welcomes the commitment of An Taoiseach in his statement on 14th June, tasking the new Minister for Housing, Planning & Local Government to review ‘Rebuilding Ireland’ within 3 months; including consideration of a greater quantity of Social Housing.
 In light of this review, and in light of the continuing crisis in housing, and the urgency of the matter for so many families, that this Council resolves as follows:
  1. To write to the Minister requesting that significant additional capital funds be made available to Cork County Council for use in the construction of public/social housing on the Council’s own lands. To request direct engagement with the Minister in regards to the level of funding that might be made available, and that we stress the urgency involved.

  2. That each of our Municipal Districts be invited to identify at least one site, on Council owned property, where development of public/social housing might be possible. That our Planning Department provide members with assistance in preparing draft proposals in regards to development on the sites identified – with the intention that such proposals be considered at September’s Development meeting.”
Motion submitted by: Diarmaid Ó CADHLA on Monday 19th June 2017
From speech by An Taoiseach on 14th June, nominating members of the new Government:
“Eoghan Murphy will join the Cabinet as Minister for Housing, Planning & Local Government. Rebuilding Ireland is working but it may not be enough.  I am tasking him to review Rebuilding Ireland within three months and consider what additional measures may be required including consideration of a greater quantum of social housing build, a vacant home tax and measures to encourage landlords to stay in or enter the rental market.”