At its regular meeting on 2nd October Cllr Ó Cadhla proposed that the Municipal District Council should look into the need for local industry.

He pointed out that once upon a time Cobh was a busy fishing port, employing local people and that this should be examined again.

Despite what has happened to Ireland’s fishing industry it is important not to yield our local resources – the people are getting no return for not fishing.

Cork Harbour and Cobh are situated inn the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in what is the riches fishing grounds in Europe – yet Cobh has no fishing industry?

Local people are commuting out of Cobh every morning for work – aside from tourist related employment, local industry is almost non existent on Great Island.

The motion (below) requests that Cork County Council do a report on what facilities are available to support the fishing industry locally, we look forward to receiving this information.

Here is the motion adopted:

“That the Municipal Council requests from Cork County Council a report on the facilities available:

  1. On Great Island to support commercial fishing operations, including a report on the status of these facilities, their ownership and capacity.
  2. On Great Island, in Carrigtwohill and Little Island to support a fish processing and distribution industry.
  3. On the supports available for the development of local business based on the fishing industry, and the support industries required by it.”