Éire go Brágh


Commandant Donnchadh de Barra died at the Curragh Camp on 20th November 1923, a full 6 months after the end of the ‘Civil War’ (counter-revolution). He was with 8,000 loyal Republicans on Hunger Strike, demanding the end to internment.

Donnchadh is buried beside his close friends and comrades, Terence Mac Swiney and Tomás Mac Curtain, he had played a leading role in the fight for freedom and, like MacSwiney, died on Hunger Strike.

Donnchadh de Barra headed the Republican Police in Cork, before they were suppressed by the ‘Free’ State. He was of the tradition of James Connolly, for the working man, and a great lover of Irish language, sport and culture.

Donnchadh de Barra’s death at the hand of the ‘Free’ State reflects its cruel nature and its West-Briton loyalty.

A parade takes place in Cork city on Saturday 18th, starting from Connolly Hall at 3pm and marching to the National Monument where the guest speaker is Dr Tim Horgan.