Éire go Brágh

The solution starts here…

People must be Represented, not any Political Party, Banks or other vested interests

Dear Neighbour,

There is a way out, we can have a bright future if we choose it.

The solution starts with our accepting responsibility to do what is needed… we must stop voting for any Political Party. Successive Governments have failed us, they have failed our parents, our children and grand-children — the Party system itself has failed us.

Unelected officials and Bankers in Europe decide how we spend our money; powerful vested interests in Ireland have their say as well, they agree it between themselves. We are told to accept this way of things, they say “there is no alternative”… in effect, our voice is excluded.
The problem is that the people we elect to represent us do not do so. Our TDs represent Parties – once elected they impose policy on us. Our electoral system has not empowered the citizens, it has been hijacked by private clubs.

The Political Parties, big or small, old or new, whether so-called ‘left’ or ‘right’, have pre-decided the policy questions. Unless we join one of their private clubs, and play the ‘game’, then we citizens have no say – Party head-office decides everything. Our say is limited to a few minutes every 5 years as we view a ballot paper – then we are ignored again… and again, and again.

Regrettably, and at great cost to ourselves, we have continually handed our power to Political Parties. Why? the result has not served our country.

To find solutions we have to organise for our own empowerment. We can do this one step at a time… we must identify what is blocking us and remove it.

The first step is to STOP voting for any Political Party.

Use of a Party ‘whip’ means constituents are not represented – the Party is.

I have the experience needed to make the difference; I have shown my commitment through years of voluntary service in our community.
I am backed by The People’s Convention (CPPC), the non-Party movement committed to the empowerment of the people. CPPC has led the debate on democratic renewal since its foundation in 2010, it needs your support and involvement – so I ask for your vote, for myself and for Michael Mohally.

If elected, my promise is that you will be represented. You will be informed and consulted, you will be involved in opening up the path to a brighter future in our country. Doing this, to assert the rights of the people, is to pay fitting tribute to the Centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising, we owe it to our forefathers.

Go raibh míle maith agat,

Diarmaid Ó CADHLA