Our State is Constituted as Democratic

Ireland IS a democracy, that is what the people constituted with the enactment of Bunreacht na hÉireann in 1937.

Our state is the result of centuries of struggle by the people for democracy and independence – even though it hasn’t been yet fully realised.

However, our democratic rights have been usurped.

Every since our Bunreacht was passed the parties have created laws to ensure the dominance of vested interests over the people. The citizens right to create state policy has been replaced by the decision making of private member clubs called ‘parties‘.

For more on this topic please see article in CPPC’s DISCUSSION forum.

The issue today, is that we must reassert our right to decide the policy of our state, we must end the dominance of political parties or any vested interests.

That is what The Peoples Convention is trying to organise.

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