Éire go Brágh

The Irish Bank Borrowers Network, based in Douglas Cork, have organised a public meeting this Saturday. The meeting starts on Saturday 9th at 11am and takes place at Gresham Metropole Hotel, Mac Curtain Street, Cork.

Meeting: Saturday 9th @ 11am – METROPOLE HOTEL, Cork.

The organisers are calling to radically address the needs of families, business and farms who are facing negative equity.

They are also advocating restitution for retired people who have lost their pension provisions and savings due to the banking crisis.

The Network has also raised the question of the general crisis of the Euro currency and states that ordinary people should stand together to defend their common interests – including cooperation across the PIGS countries (Portugal – Ireland – Greece – Spain).

The question of Ireland starting a 2nd currency has also been raised, we think this is the right direction for our country.  The Network have highlighted the vast wealth that this country has in oil and gas reserves and also the great goodwill that Ireland commands worldwide as being a ready made support for such a currency move.  We would add to that our unique resources in agriculture and fishing and our highly educated population in whose direct interest it is to see the domestic economy recovering.

The meeting is open to all and we feel the initiative deserves support.

If you can help, please do ...