Éire go Brágh


The Secretary
An Bord Pleanála
64 Marlborough Street
Dublin 1
D01 V902

12th February 2019

Reference: 303247 Morrison’s Island, Cork city

I wish to OBJECT to the above proposed scheme.

I consider that the system of river-side walls proposed for Morrison’s Island is a mistake and should not be allowed the following are the reasons:

  1. I do not believe that there has been either proper, sufficient or balanced consultation with the people of Cork in regards to the plan – in fact I am aware that City Council ignored about 1,500 observations from concerned citizens opposed to this particular scheme. 

    In my own consultations with the people I find that the vast majority are simply not aware of what is planned and when it is explained they are outraged and object, it is my duty to represent that objection.

  2. Cork City Council have not facilitated public debate on the internationally acclaimed alternative strategy published by the Save Cork City group (www.SaveCorkCity.org), neither have they allowed an independent international assessment of the need in Cork city and on Morrison’s Island. 

    I believe that Cork City Council are acting without due care and responsibility and therefore against the public interests, that alone should give cause to stop the project until such assessments are made.

  3. The scheme proposed by City Council will result in the destruction of historic and irreplaceable built heritage.  Loss of heritage would be bad in any circumstances but it is objectionable that City Council would plan for it on such a scale – I think the proposal amounts to vandalism.

  4. I believe that the proposal will needlessly remove the river as an important amenity, it is already underused and underdeveloped, but the walls will take away what should be a key resource for future generations.

  5. The river has huge potential for Cork’s economy, this is proven over many centuries, and should form part of forward thinking strategic economic planning, putting walls on the quays limits this completely.

  6. Our famed river is an inseparable part of Cork culture and heritage, “On the Banks of My Own Lovely Lee” will be a thing of the past, we will literally lose sight of our river.

  7. On top of all other reasons to object, this project will not prevent flooding in our city.

I hope that An Bord Pleanála will have the good sense to reject this planning application and send the question back to the people of Cork for further consideration.

Is mise,

Cllr Diarmaid Ó Cadhla