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LOCAL FESTIVAL FUND 2019 Include below are details of the 2019 Local Festival Fund allocations, which are managed by the Tourism Unit of the Economic Development, Enterprise & Tourism Directorate, Cork County Council.

Here are the allocations made.

Background to Local Festival Fund 

At the July 2017 Meeting of the County & City Manager’s Association (CCMA), the CCMA agreed to a proposal from Fáilte Ireland to transfer funding currently provided under its Regional Festivals and Participate Events Programme directly to Local Authorities from 2018 based on the 2017 funding allocation awarded to each County.  This funding arrangement has been developed in the context of an enhanced role for Local Authorities in tourism as set out in the Government’s 2015 Tourism Policy “People, Place & Policy, Growing Tourism to 2025”.

In 2018, the first allocation of Local Festival Fund awards were made by Cork County Council, following  a set marking scheme and eligibility criteria. Fáilte Ireland provide a sum of €42,250 towards the awards, with Cork County Council contributing an additional sum of €22,750 in order to streamline the process and provide support to more festivals.

Fáilte Ireland agreed to continue this arrangement to fund local festivals in 2019; it was subsequently decided by Cork County Council to reduce the numbers of bednights and festival expenditure criteria for 2019 applicants, in order to give more festivals opportunity to qualify for funding. Changes were made as follows to eligibility criteria for the 2019 fund:

  1. Minimum bednights reduced from 500 to 400
  2. Minimum Festival Expenditure reduced from €10,000 to €7,500
Details of 2019 applications
  • Closing date for applications was Friday 11th January, 2019
  • 37 applications received
  • 1 withdrawn application
  • 7 failed to meet the funding criteria
  • 20 applications from West Cork
  • 4 applications from South/East Cork
  • 5 applications from North Cork

The following is a list of festivals, dates and funds awarded for 2019:

All successful applicants have been advised of award details and conditions of funding.


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