Here are a number of different flyers issued by Diarmaid Ó CADHLA during the election campaign in the Cobh Local electoral Area:

Flyer #1

Highlighting issues of public Rights of Way under threat in the Great Island area.  

The same flyer was to encourage others to put their names forward as independent candidates in the Local Elections, and highlighting to need for there being an alternative to the established Political Party elite.

Flyer #2 

Was issued in relation to the specific issue of Housing and highlights some of the approaches to tackling such issues, the flyer was used to promote a public meeting on the issue.

Flyer #3 

This is Diarmaid’s primary election flyer outlining some solid proposals for funding Community Projects and the rights of people / families where DISABILITY is an issue.  

This is an area of concern highlighted by Diarmaid over many years, including while he was a member of Council.  In 2018 Diarmaid argued at Cork County Council that the OPTIONAL PROTOCOL to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities should also have been ratified. 

By not ratifying the OPTIONAL PROTOCOL, the state has merely paid lip service to people with disability, telling them they have rights, but leaving it that nothing can be done if these rights are denied.