Éire go Brágh

The people have voted in favour of the Lisbon Treaty, we must consider why?

Why, at the request of the cartel parties and other vested interests, have the people reversed their earlier decision?

Why are voters listening to those politicians and representative of big business when this same cartel are the ones pushing through the economic policies that leave thousands of people without jobs, on reduced pay and anxious for their future. The answer might be that people can’t see a real alternative, so they pick the best option from a bad lot. We already know that the government is the most unpopular ever – but even still they get support!

We must provide the solutions, solutions to the economic and all other questions, and we must provide the organisational means to enable change. Even though the result is disappointing for those who campaigned for a no vote, we do see great progress in it – nearly 600,000 people didn’t accept what their ‘masters’ told them – despite the cartel!

We call on all political parties, associations and individuals who are concerned with social progress in Ireland to engage with one another so as to formulate a real alternative – both in ideology and in practical organisational forms – this is our focus. Our work is continuing to elaborate this position and we welcome feedback from anyone interested – no matter at what level.

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