Gardaí Out in Force to Protect Corporate Interests

Those defending the public Right of Way on Deepwater Quay were threatened with arrest this morning – but there was never a question of arresting those who have bullied the local COMMUNITY for the last few years.

The ‘Disney Dream’ Cruise Liner came into Cobh and received specialist treatment.

In the past Disney has demanded complete closure of the quay and the surrounding roads, preventing even children coming to see their cartoon characters.

This year the Save Cobh’s Right of Way Group made it clear that closure would not be tolerated, so the quay remained open for all.

However, the group were met by an Inspector, uniformed Gardaí and Armed Detectives.

There is very seldom any Garda presence on the quay, even for passport control, and almost never any customs checking.

Today, the Gardaí acted as private security, protecting the money makers at the Port of Cork, Hamilton Shipping, Doyle Shipping and Excursions Ireland.

Can anyone now hire armed Gardaí to do their bidding?