Fornocht do chonac thú – ag Pádraig Mac Piarais

Fornocht do chonac thú

Fornocht do chonac thú,
a áille na háille,
is do dhallas mo shúil
ar eagla go stánfainn.

Do chualas do cheol,
a bhinne na binne,
is do dhúnas mo chluas
ar eagla go gclisfinn.

Do bhlaiseas do bhéal
a mhilse na milse,
is do chruas mo chroí
ar eagla mo mhillte.

Do dhallas mo shúil,
is mo chluas do dhúnas;
do chruas mo chroí,
is mo mhian do mhúchas.

Do thugas mo chúl
ar an aisling do chumas,
‘s ar an ród so romham
m’aghaidh do thugas.

Do thugas mo ghnúis
ar an ród so romham,
ar an ngníomh do-chim,
‘s ar an mbás do gheobhad.


Naked I saw thee,
O beauty of beauty,
And I blinded my eyes
For fear I should stare.

I heard thy music,
O melody of melody,
and I closed my ears
For fear I should falter.

I tasted thy mouth,
O sweetness of sweetness,
And I hardened my heart
For fear of my weakening.

I blinded my eyes,
And I closed my ears,
I hardened my heart
And I smothered my desire.

I turned my back
On the vision I had shaped,
And to this road before me
I turned my face.

I have turned my face
To this road before me,
To the deed that I see
And the death I shall die.


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Aisling Fornocht

When I first happened upon Pádraig Pearse’s poem some years ago I found myself singing the verses rather than reading them. The poem can be heard sung here:


It is such a joy to have learned the Irish language which has given me the key to open the door into this beautiful poem. It is a gem.


Ag ceartù mo bhotúin. Dán álainn ba é. Is brá liom ag rá agus ag éisteacht leis an dán