Éire go Brágh


Elmvale residence continue their resistance to Irish Water, they have invited people to join them at 5.30am in anticipation of the early arrival of work crews.  They are taking a stand to resist the imposition of water meters in their estate… along with many others throughout the country.

So far Irish Water have used heavy handed methods to intimidate the residence, including actual physical assault. There are threats of prosecution and insistence on they having their way, regardless of what the people think or want.

There has been gross violations of Health and Safety regulations, work commencing outside of permitted hours etc. and none of this seems to be checked by the relevant authorities.

People have a right and duty to resist or protest the imposition of such charges and Smart Meters which are widely believed to have health risks in themselves.  The Smart Meters are also known to open up the possibility of breaches in privacy, i.e. anyone, with inexpensive technology, can monitor water usage in a home.


Elmvale Residence
Elmvale Residence prevent Irish Water staff from installing their Smart Meters

Our water is being privatised, metering is an essential part of its preparations in order for water to become a commodity easily sold.  There will be ‘competition’ (among monopolies!) in the water ‘market’, the EU requires it – but only after the Irish people have been made to create the ‘market’ and pay for its commercialisation.  We have already handed over approx. €10 billion in the transfer of assets from local authorities to Irish Water – so that we can be made to pay for using it!

This is imposed dictate.  There has been no democratic consultation with the people to see if this is our preferred policy.

Hard-pressed families are being targeted again, and all to gather money to pay the gambling losses of private banks and bond speculators.

People should protest when something is wrong, this issue should be discussed and resolved according to the will of the people – sadly this is unlikely so long as the Parties dominate our systems of government and allow dictate by the various vested interests.

Anyone wishing to learn more may do so at the website from which we have taken the above image.

By Diarmaid Ó Cadhla