Éire go Brágh

Diplomacy, not War!

Because he stood with a banner reading “DIPLOMACY NOT WAR”, Diarmaid Ó Cadhla is now branded as a criminal!

On 28th November Ó Cadhla was sentenced to 30 days in Jail, suspended, if he ‘keeps the peace’ for 12 months. 

The conviction is for “trespass” on Horgan’s Quay in Cork, where he was with the Irish Neutrality Campaign, peacefully protesting against the presence of British / NATO warship HMS Enterprise.

The court hearing had Port of Cork officials and Gardaí telling blatant lies in court, lies proven by video recorded on the day.  Gardaí said they were in fear of their lives and that Ó Cadhla had been aggressive and bullying – this video showed this not to be true.

Diarmaid Ó Cadhla has never been convicted of a criminal offence in his life, and has never been abusive of Gardaí at any events – Ó Cadhla has always advocated for peaceful and respectful protest.

The conviction is under appeal and Ó Cadhla is confident that the Circuit Court will clear his name fully.

The use of such legislation to suppress legitimate protest was repeated recently in Dublin when a republican group protested the presence of HMS Penzance – this is political policing in action.