OPEN BORDERS for Drug Cartels. 

Recently 95kg COCAINE on board Cruise Liner Costa Favolosa had 4 people arrested in France, now she has come into #Cobh #Cork.

Cruise Liners are being used by the #DRUG #CARTELS and our state is allowing it to be unchecked.  

In FOUR years, observers have seen only one Customs check in Cobh, yet over a hundred liners arrive every year, with thousands on board each.

The Garda Drug Squad and Customs and Excise should be on hand for every liner, so all the proper security checks are carried out.

Proper checking requires the use if trained SNIFFER DOGS.

Is our state facilitating the DRUG CARTELS?  

It is common knowledge that the Cruise Liners are used to import illegal drugs.

This is another view on the state’s general policy on ‘Open Borders’.

If you can help, please do ...