Éire go Brágh

Funding for Community Development Projects is available via the following scheme, contact details for applications or further details are included below:

Cork County Council – Local Community Development Committees

Terms of Scheme:

  • Total fund over 7 years is €3.5M.
  • To be divided pro-rata amongst the confirmed Local Development Companies as outlined in Service Level Agreement.
  • Up to 25% of value of this community development initiative fund may be allocated to the Local Development Companies for administration and animation purposes
  • Value of fund to be spread into phases, Phase 1 to value of €1.5M to cover period 2016- 2018.
  • Cork County Council to make financial provision for same in the annual revenue budgetary process


  • To fund local community development small scale capital projects to a minimum of €1,000 and to a maximum value of €25,000 per project, including, but not limited to, projects that compliment and are in compliance with the LECP.

Eligible Projects:

  • Projects that provide the broadest possible benefits and reach to communities across the LCDC area excluding training.
  • As per State Aid rules the fund will be targeted at community based projects which would not have a secondary economic benefit.
  • Full application must be made in advance to the designated Municipal District Officers and approved by Cork County Council appointed Evaluation Committee prior to any work commencing.

Application Process:

  • A dedicated application form is to be completed by applicants
  • Applications to be made to the designated Municipal District Officers by closing date and time of 3pm Friday, 14th December, 2018.  Municipal District Officers to date stamp each application.

Mary Hayes, MD Officer North Cork
Sean O’Callaghan, MD Officer South Cork
Jim Molloy, MD Officer, South Cork
MacDara O’Hici, MD Officer, West Cork

  • Cork County Council MD officer will be responsible for issuing an acknowledgement to each applicant.
  • After closing date, applications will be forwarded to relevant local Development Companies.
  • Local Development Companies will deem projects eligible and ineligible and follow up with applicants on outstanding documentation.
  • Local Development Companies will prepare reports for CCC Evaluation Committee on both eligible and ineligible projects as per agreed Service Level Agreement.
  • Scope of Projects: If nature of project is in compliance with the Cork County LECP, this is a distinct advantage
  • Relevant supplementary documentation to be submitted and checked by Local Development Companies.
  • This fund will not be applicable to Local Development Company in-house projects or associated Local Development Company entities.

 Evaluation Process:

  • All project documentation and project reports to be forwarded to LCDC Chief Officer at a minimum of two weeks in advance of scheduled Evaluation Committee meetings.
  • Cork County Council to set up three new independent Evaluation Committees for North/South & West Cork for the purpose of evaluating applications with a recommendation to relevant LCDC (Local Community Development Committee) for distribution of fund.
  • Each Evaluation Committee will comprise of following representation:

Chairperson:      1 Director of Services per LCDC area

Representative of 1 Local Development Company per LCDC area.

1 Municipal District Officer (SEO Level ) per LCDC area.
1 LCDC Chair as per LCDC area.
LCDC Chief Officer will attend but have no voting rights.

  • Scoring Sheet will be required to be completed for each project at Evaluation meeting for the purposes of ranking projects.


  • 25% of annual allocation for administration/animation is payable to the Local Development Company in accordance with the Service Level Agreement, i.e., 80% of Phase 1 allocation at time of advertisement of fund with remaining 20% paid at completion of Evaluations.

Project Costs:

  • Project costs allocation is paid upon completion. Documentary evidence of expenditure incurred (e.g. invoices etc) will be required. A cert of completion may be required in some instances.
  • Expenditure incurred by project promoter prior to offer of funding will not be eligible
  • Ineligible expenditure and activities include, but is not limited to insurance, statutory fines or penalties, day to day running costs, legal expenses in respect of litigation, tax (including motor tax), childcare costs, training costs, purchase of conventional motor vehicles including cars, vans, buses.

Audit Trail:

  • Project documentation to be retained and filed by Cork County Council and each Local Development Company.
  • Records to be retained for 7 years following expiry of programme, for inspection/audit purposes.


  • Cork County Council & LCDC contribution to project funding to be acknowledged on all project related material, promotion, signage etc and this shall include the logos of both Cork County Council and Cork County LCDC.

Decision Process:

  • List of approved projects will be brought to North/South & West Cork LCDC next scheduled meeting following evaluation.
  • LCDC decision (by private majority) is final in all cases
  • On approval of LCDC Committees, Cork County Council Community Section will notify both successful and unsuccessful applicants and issue Letter of Acceptance.
  • Once all Promoters have been notified, members of Full Council and LCDC members will be provided with a complete list of both successful and unsuccessful projects.

Appeals Process:

  • Unsuccessful applicants can appeal decision of Evaluation Committee in writing within one month of notification of decision to LCDC Chief Officer. Final decision will be made by relevant LCDC committee.

Claims Process:

  • Local Development Companies will be responsible for preparing project claims and of both gathering and verification of supporting documentation on completion of project.
  • Cork County Council on verification of claim documentation will arrange payment to the recipient.


  • Advertisment of Fund W/B 15th October, 2018
  • Closing Date, 14th December @ 3pm
  • Applications forwarded to Local Development Companies by 20th December, 2018
  • Reports by Local Development Companies to be completed and returned to LCDC Chief Officer by 25th January, 2019
  • Three Evaluation Meetings – W/B 10th February, 2019
  • Recommendations to go before North Cork LCDC Meeting on 18th February, 2019 and to South & West Cork LCDC Meetings on 28th February, 2019.
  • Successful applicants notified W/B 3rd March, 2019.
  • All claims to be submitted to Local Development Companies by 30th September, 2019.

Kay Keegan
LCDC Chief Officer
Oct. 2018

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