Cobh Remembers Titanic: 1912 - 2024

Cobh was the last port visited by Titanic on her maiden voyage, three days later disaster struck and over 1,500 people were lost to the sea.

The ceremony on Sunday (organised by Cobh Tourism) remembered all the dead, and highlighted the 123 who had boarded Titanic while she stopped at Cobh.  One gets a sense of the disaster hearing the names of so many family groupings that were lost, and the few that were saved.

Cobh has always been at the centre of shipping in Europe and the North Atlantic, from ancient times right up to today.  It was the last view for millions fleeing Ireland, driven out by either persecution, disease, famine or just abject poverty. 

Cobh is a vital heritage link for all of Ireland, and also for the descendants of those who left and cherish their Irish roots – in Canada, the USA, Argentina, Australia and elsewhere.

Databases are available locally with details of the people ‘transported’ through Cobh, this can be searched by anyone wishing to trace family connections.  A similar database is available in Sidney, Australia, which should be connected with our own – perhaps a future project?