Is this ok?

Clamping on the Pier Head

All over Ireland, not just in Cobh, public spaces are being ‘land-grabbed’ by private interests, public access is being denied or restricted without reasonable cause, and generally, contrary to law.

Kennedy Pier in Cobh (aka the Pier Head) is an historic site, used by generations, it is public property.

Over recent years the Port of Cork Company (PoCC) have introduced ‘Permit Parking’ on the pier and, little by little, they are enforcing it. That is how land-grabbing generally happens, little by little. In the last week upwards to 30 people have had vehicles clamped and charges of €125 imposed on them – pay-up or you can walk home!

These charges are illegal, in our opinion they are extortion. PoCC has no right to issue Parking Permits on public lands and APCOA (the German contractor hired by them) has no right to fix clamps on vehicles in a public place.

We think the charges are contrary to the Road Traffic Acts.

The question is… is the Pier Head a public place or is it Private Property?

Members of the public, including business interests, and including generations of fishermen, have had access to and continue to use the Pier Head.

And, if permits were to be issued at all, by a proper authority, shouldn’t they be available to everyone, not just the chosen few?

Why are the Gardaí accepting this?

Why are the County Council allowing it?