Éire go Brágh

Disability & Autism are Issues

the single most common issue being raised at the doors is not housing, but the problems relating to #Disability, and #Autism in particular.

Cobh Remembers Titanic: 1912 – 2024

Cobh has always been at the centre of shipping in Europe and the North Atlantic, from ancient times right up to today. It was the last view for millions fleeing Ireland, driven out by either persecution, disease, famine or just abject poverty.

What about the Council?

What about the Council? Media Statement Diarmaid Ó Cadhla will contest the coming Local Elections in the Cobh Municipal District. At a public meeting tonight (Wednesday) in Cobh he will invite others to contest the same election, in order to ensure the best possible representation for the people of the electoral area. The meeting takes […]

Clamping on the Pier Head

All over Ireland public spaces are being ‘land-grabbed’ by private interests, public access is being denied or restricted without reasonable cause, and generally, contrary to law.

The question is… is the Pier Head a public place or is it Private Property?

Should Local Business Support Local Community?​

It doesn’t seem right that the Chamber and its members remain silent while the Port allows bullying and while they take court action to deny any public Right of Way on Deepwater Quay / Five Foot Way.

Gardaí Out in Force to Protect Corporate Interests

Those defending the public Right of Way on Deepwater Quay were threatened with arrest this morning – there was never a question of arresting those who have bullied the local COMMUNITY for the last few years.

Busses Blocked on Deepwater Quay?

TENSION WAS HIGH on Deepwater Quay as busses were disrupted during the dispute with Port of Cork Company. Bullying and intimidation have been used repeatedly and the right to use the public amenity is dismissed as second to the interest of MONEY making by Port of Cork Company. The “Save Cobh’s Right of Way” group […]

Bollards Removed from Five Foot Way

Bollards recently installed on Cobh’s Five Foot Way, obstructing free usage of the Right of Way, were removed sometime over the August weekend. We interviewed members of Save Cobh’s Right of Way group about the ongoing efforts by Port of Cork  Company to privatise Deepwater Quay, and now the Five Foot Way as well. They […]

Cruis Liners used by Drug Cartels

OPEN BORDERS for Drug Cartels.  Recently 95kg COCAINE on board Cruise Liner Costa Favolosa had 4 people arrested in France, now she has come into #Cobh #Cork. Cruise Liners are being used by the #DRUG #CARTELS and our state is allowing it to be unchecked.   In FOUR years, observers have seen only one Customs check […]