Fund the Process, not the Parties

ELECTORAL REFORM: I’ve always liked the idea that everyone should have ‘an equal right to elect and to be elected’, that is fundamental in a democratic society. Is this what we have in Ireland, does every citizens have equal opportunity? Every year the established Political Parties received up to €15 million in state funding.  We … Continue reading “Fund the Process, not the Parties”

Tenants of Public Housing are Entitled to Privacy

In Ireland, tenants of Public Housing are treated as 2nd class citizens. The view is that Public Housing tenants somehow get something for nothing, so they must forfeit their rights and be grateful.   This view is confirmed by Cork County Council’s ongoing Rent Review (the same happens in all local authorities), which again imposes on … Continue reading “Tenants of Public Housing are Entitled to Privacy”

HPV Vaccine – Informed Consent Must be Facilitated

Last week Cork County Council refused to even discuss whether we should write to the Minister for Health asking him why the HSE doesn’t distribute the manufacturers Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) with the HPV vaccine in our schools. Here is a copy of the Notice of Motion they rejected. The entire debate around the HPV … Continue reading “HPV Vaccine – Informed Consent Must be Facilitated”

Water Fluoridation Must Stop

There is continuing speculation that fluoride in public water is linked to cancer, osteoporosis and genetic damage – however scientists disagree on this argument. Last week at Council I was delighted to receive unanimous support for asking the Minister to clarify matters. Here is the Notice of Motion adopted at my proposal. The stated reason … Continue reading “Water Fluoridation Must Stop”

Council Budgets – but Don’t Express an Opinion!

I had the experience of being ejected from the Annual Budget meeting of Cork County Council last week, because I refused to withdraw my expressed opinion that the Political Parties were manipulating Council policy. Here are the small amendments I wanted to propose to the Budget, however, my exclusion prevented this. I wanted to do … Continue reading “Council Budgets – but Don’t Express an Opinion!”

Are some Questions too Sensitive to Ask?

We need an Independent Inspections Agency! Local Councils are responsible in law for the monitoring and enforcement of the Minimum Standards in Rental Accommodation in their areas. There is a very serious problem with rental properties being below standard. Last year I got the figures for 2016 from Council which revealed a 96% failure rate, … Continue reading “Are some Questions too Sensitive to Ask?”

Housing Rights for the Disabled

Does your Household include someone with Disability? Since Government ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) a commitment exists that people with disabilities must be ‘adequately housed’. This is an issue I raised last May with the County Council, and again on September 24th, because the problem is huge.  In the … Continue reading “Housing Rights for the Disabled”

Electoral Process for President of Ireland is Undemocratic

Cork County Council will facilitate the Nomination of an Independent Candidate in the Presidential Election In an effort to ensure some level of democracy in regards to the election of a new President Cllr Ó Cadhla made a proposal to the public meeting on July 23rd. Here is the Notice of Motion and the reply … Continue reading “Electoral Process for President of Ireland is Undemocratic”

Culture Night Cork County 2018

INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE Culture Night is the annual all of Ireland celebration of culture, creativity and the arts.  This year, Culture Night will take place on Friday 21st September, arts groups, arts centres, artists and communities come together to provide an extraordinary evening of imaginative and entertaining free cultural experiences in cities, towns and villages … Continue reading “Culture Night Cork County 2018”

On the Rights of People with Disabilities

STATEMENT – Diarmaid Ó CADHLA Regarding Notice of Motion on Council’s agenda 28th May 2018. Disability Services & Accountability Here is the proposal ADOPTED by Cork County Council and the initial response to it – we now expect that Council will move to implement these policy measures. If Government and Minister McGrath do not move … Continue reading “On the Rights of People with Disabilities”