At the regular monthly meeting on 6th November Cllr Ó Cadhla asked that standing orders be lifted in order to to allow the Cobh Municipal District Council to consider the implications of last week’s RTÉ Primetime Investigates programme in so far as it relates to our municipality. Proposed resolution: “That this Council regards as scandalous … Continue reading “SUSPENSION OF STANDING ORDERS”

Audit of Facilities to Support Fishing Industry

At its regular meeting on 2nd October Cllr Ó Cadhla proposed that the Municipal District Council should look into the need for local industry. He pointed out that once upon a time Cobh was a busy fishing port, employing local people and that this should be examined again. Despite what has happened to Ireland’s fishing … Continue reading “Audit of Facilities to Support Fishing Industry”

Cobh – European Capital of Smart Tourism?

Notice of Motion in the name of Cllr. Diarmaid Ó Cadhla to meeting of Municipal District Council on 12th September 2017: “Noting that 2018 is the European Year for Cultural Heritage and also EU-China Tourism Year that this Council should support efforts to capitalise on the opportunities peresented, In particular, Cobh town should be submitted … Continue reading “Cobh – European Capital of Smart Tourism?”

Jack Doyle Statue for Cobh?

Notice of Motion in the name of Cllr. Diarmaid Ó Cadhla on agenda for meeting of Cobh Municipal Council on 12th Sept. 2017: “That the Municipal District Council supports the idea that a statue of Jack Doyle be erected at a prominent location on the main town frontage”. Much discussion on this has already taken … Continue reading “Jack Doyle Statue for Cobh?”

Housing Development for Ballynoe, Cobh

The following motions were put before the Municipal District Council meeting on July 11th by Cllr Diarmaid Ó Cadhla, they were all adopted. The Housing Proposal will eventually go before a full meeting of Cork County County, hopefuly resulting is a formal proposal going to Government for funding. It is important that broad public support … Continue reading “Housing Development for Ballynoe, Cobh”

Cobh Twinning with Sydney, Australia?

Following discussion with the Australian Ambassador, Richard Andrews, when he visited on 7th July (Cobh’s Australia Day) the links between Sydney and Cobh became increasingly clear. Sydney has the biggest natural harbour in the world, Cobh sits in the middle of the second biggest harbour. Cobh was the departure point for countless Irish people who … Continue reading “Cobh Twinning with Sydney, Australia?”

Visit of the USS Donald Cook

The following motion was before the Cobh Municipal Council on 11th April, following the visit of US navy ship, the USS Donald Cook: On the proposal of Cllr. Ó’Cadhla, it was agreed that a letter would issue to the Department of the Taoiseach seeking clarification as to whether: Government has given permission for US military … Continue reading “Visit of the USS Donald Cook”