Council Budgets – but Don’t Express an Opinion!

I had the experience of being ejected from the Annual Budget meeting of Cork County Council last week, because I refused to withdraw my expressed opinion that the Political Parties were manipulating Council policy. Here are the small amendments I wanted to propose to the Budget, however, my exclusion prevented this. I wanted to do … Continue reading “Council Budgets – but Don’t Express an Opinion!”

Are some Questions too Sensitive to Ask?

We need an Independent Inspections Agency! Local Councils are responsible in law for the monitoring and enforcement of the Minimum Standards in Rental Accommodation in their areas. There is a very serious problem with rental properties being below standard. Last year I got the figures for 2016 from Council which revealed a 96% failure rate, … Continue reading “Are some Questions too Sensitive to Ask?”

Community Development Initiative 2016-2022

Funding for Community Development Projects is available via the following scheme, contact details for applications or further details are included below: Cork County Council – Local Community Development Committees Terms of Scheme: Total fund over 7 years is €3.5M. To be divided pro-rata amongst the confirmed Local Development Companies as outlined in Service Level Agreement. … Continue reading “Community Development Initiative 2016-2022”

Urban & Rural Regeneration & Development Funds

At the beginning of July the Government launched 2 New Multi-Annual programmes as part of Project Ireland 2040. These were; The Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF) The Rural Regeneration and Development Fund (RRDF) Both funds will operate annual funding calls, the closing date for this year’s calls was September 27th for the RRDF and … Continue reading “Urban & Rural Regeneration & Development Funds”

Housing Rights for the Disabled

Does your Household include someone with Disability? Since Government ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) a commitment exists that people with disabilities must be ‘adequately housed’. This is an issue I raised last May with the County Council, and again on September 24th, because the problem is huge.  In the … Continue reading “Housing Rights for the Disabled”

The Political Party Elite have Disgraced Cork County Council

This morning Council refused to nominate a candidate for the Presidential Election, yet there was only one proposed, Ms Gemma O’Doherty. Under our Constitution, Local Authorities have a duty to “provide a forum for democratic representation” – this hasn’t applied today, the democratic choice of the citizens is being limited. It is as if the … Continue reading “The Political Party Elite have Disgraced Cork County Council”

Councils, TDs & Senators fail the Citizens

Oireachtas Members Disgrace Themselves! The statement released tonight by independent members of the Oireachtas reveals the sorry state of our democratic processes – does individual responsibility even exist? Just 19 independent TDs and Senators met and they have adopted a collective cop-out, none taking individual responsibility for their lack of action. There and sins committed … Continue reading “Councils, TDs & Senators fail the Citizens”

Presidential Election Must be Full Field

Citizens are looking for new politics, recent elections have proven this, and more change should be expected.  The next landmark in political life is the coming Presidential election, but there is a danger that democratic choice is being restricted. It is vital that limits are not placed on democracy, we need to facilitate a full … Continue reading “Presidential Election Must be Full Field”

Jobs for Disabled People?

The following is the text of a letter addressed to both the City and County Sheriff in Cork asking that positive discrimination towards people with disabilities be applied to the employment of staff for the coming Presidential Election. Addressed to both the City and County Sheriff, who act as Returning Officer in elections. I have … Continue reading “Jobs for Disabled People?”

The Politics of Private Member Clubs?

The foundation of any democratic system is that it should affirm and defend the rights of the people. Our own history has produced many documents declaring this, not least of which is the Proclamation of the Irish Republic in 1916. The Constitution of 1937 affirmed the right of the people “to decide all questions of national policy”. However, we … Continue reading “The Politics of Private Member Clubs?”