The Necessity for De-Anglicising Ireland

As part of our study programme into the questions of sovereignty, democratic renewal and Irish national identity we are pleased to re-publish this article by Dr. Douglas Hyde.  It was first delivered before the Irish National Literary Society in Dublin, 25 November 1892, it sets out very well the necessity for the complete renewal of … Continue reading “The Necessity for De-Anglicising Ireland”

Frederick Engels’ Speech at the Grave of Karl Marx

Highgate Cemetery, London. March 17, 1883 On the 14th of March, at a quarter to three in the afternoon, the greatest living thinker ceased to think. He had been left alone for scarcely two minutes, and when we came back we found him in his armchair, peacefully gone to sleep—but for ever. An immeasurable loss … Continue reading “Frederick Engels’ Speech at the Grave of Karl Marx”

Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen from 1793

There was an earlier declaration in 1789, this one is a more comprehensive statement. The French people, convinced that forgetfulness and contempts of the natural rights of man are the sole causes of the miseries of the world, have resolved to set forth in a solemn declaration these sacred and inalienable rights, in order that … Continue reading “Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen from 1793”