Éire go Brágh

We the People Must Organise to Empower Ourselves!

Some of us have spent decades campaigning on various issues, taking positions in defence of the people’s interests, advocating what we consider to be progressive policies.  We have condemned the powers-that-be for their disgraceful abuse of the people’s mandate.  We have protested and written articles, we have joined online forums, we have even created countless organisations and parties to further this objective.

But, the reality is that we have failed to create the change that so many cry out for, conditions are deteriorating, our country and people are enslaved, and communities are broken.

After 90 years we remain a people who are ruled over by vested interests and a system of collaborating and contending political parties – it is time to end it!

Everyone says that “all the groups should come together”, that we should present a united opposition to the ongoing austerity and destruction of our society.  Well we should do that, and we should all set aside anything which prevents such a unity taking place in order to facilitate it.

But how do we do it?

We must enter discussion with a view to reaching the conclusion we need, i.e. finding the basis for uniting all the people so that they can take political power.

We would like to offer some ideas on what this basis for unity might be and hope that others will share their views with us.

The basis for unity?

To start, let us consider that every person living on this island is an equal stakeholder.  No one has a right to special status based on social class, creed, gender or racial origin.  We have rights simply as humans living here, comprising the Irish nation, these include our sovereign right to decide the policy of our own state and not to be a subject people.  Our rights also include ownership of all of the resources of the nation, on land and at sea, and deciding how they may be exploited and in whose interests.

In the past we may have differed based on ideological outlook, or on interpretations of history, and very often on differences deliberately created to divide us.

All individuals have the right to conscience, to form their own policy preferences and to unite with others of like mind and purpose, including forming political parties and associations.  But this is where one of our biggest traps exists … while parties have a right to advocate policy and promote their views, they are not entitled to decide the policy of the State – that is for the citizens.

A very small percentage of the population have anything at all to do with political parties yet these private clubs are the ones deciding the policy.  When parties create policy it is inevitable that decisions are made according to the interests of their members, in other words, they are acting directly as another group of vested interests – no matter what name it goes under.

No differences as to policy issues, being ‘left’ or ‘republician’ or ‘socialist’ or ‘anarchist’, nor any ‘ism’ or ‘ist’ can provide the basis for uniting the people. We all have our own views, that is part of what makes us great, but these different views cannot be used to divide us as a people.

So, we suggest, that the basis for uniting the citizens can only be that we are citizens, all equal stakeholders in the future of our country, and that we agree to democracy.

Such an organisation exists in the name of The Peoples Convention, it’s role is to provide the organisation in each constituency through which the people can empower themselves.

Citizens and any organisations that advocate on the side of the people and respects the right of citizens to rule and decide the policy of the State should, without compromise to their own ideas, work together in this spirit.  Such an organisation is needed in order to make a reality of the empowerment of the people.

Such a movement will, through discussion, investigation etc. ensure that it is the citizens who decide the policy for our state, not any parties (even though they may advocate a position) or any other vested interest groups.

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